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Are You Ready for Some... TFR's?

14 August 2013 @ 10:48 AM  / Aviation Blog /

August is upon us and summer is slowly coming to a close, which brings with it, my favorite time of year: football season. What does football season mean for pilots? An abundance of Temporary Flight Restrictions, also known as TFR’s! These restrictions can become active in various cities, for a variety of people, at any given time. As if flight planning isn’t time consuming already, Garmin is here to help!

Recently, I was on a long cross country flight which took me around the Kansas City metro area. While checking out Garmin Pilot’s latest obstacle feature, I noticed I was quickly approaching an active stadium TFR on the east side of the city.  Using the Graphic Flight Plan Edit feature, I dragged my flight plan leg to the ANX VOR to fly on the south side of the TFR. Check out my flight and how handy the Distance Tool came in while maneuvering around the TFR on Garmin Pilot!

Garmin Pilot TFR_Fotor

Many of our Garmin portables easily display TFR information, as well! With an active XM weather subscription, our GPSMAP 396, 496, 696, aera 510, 560, 796, and G3X will all conveniently display any restricted areas. Furthermore, the aera 5XX series, GPSMAP 695/696, aera 795/796 and G3X will also display FIS-B weather which includes TFR information, when paired with the GDL 39.

Beyond TFR’s, if an airport is in the vicinity of a stadium many airports have specific departure/arrival procedures. Several years ago I flew into an airport that is located three miles away from my favorite college teams football stadium. I admittedly overlooked the ‘Right Traffic 07’ notation on the Airport Facility Directory (AFD) and there I found myself 1000’ AGL overtop the stadium on my downwind leg. Luckily, there was not a game that particular day but just like TFR’s, this information can easily be obtained on our portables! Utilizing the Airport Directory database, pilots can call up information from the AFD right on their GPS!

796 screenshot copy

This time of year offers pilots the best weather to fly in! Use Garmin Pilot in conjunction with any one of our Garmin portables to navigate around the various TFR’s. As always, don’t forget to check the FAA’s website for the most up to date information!

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