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New Video Shows Garmin Real Directions™ in Action

16 May 2013 @ 3:34 PM  / Automotive Blog /

Real Directions

Navigation devices have relied on street names to provide directions for years, but Garmin has recently made an effort to find a more natural and intuitive way to guide drivers. The result is Garmin Real Directions. 

The new feature uses recognizable landmarks, buildings, traffic lights and stop signs to give directions. For example, it tells you to “turn right after the Starbucks®” or “turn left at the traffic light.” This provides confidence early on that you’re going the right way and lets you focus on the road instead of trying to read street signs. It also makes it easier to remember a route. Garmin Real Directions is powered by the high-quality NAVTEQ® Map to ensure accuracy. Garmin partnered with the leading global provider of map content to develop a sophisticated data collection and processing system. The landmarks and buildings selected for directions have been checked rigorously for visibility, prominence and permanence. 

Check out the short video below to see Garmin Real Directions in action. The new feature is included in the 2013 Garmin nüvi Advanced and Prestige series.


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