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Jez Bragg Sets New Record for Te Araroa Trail in New Zealand

13 May 2013 @ 9:00 AM  /

018_DL_220113_TeAraroa_316Jez Bragg is one of the world’s leading ultra distance trail runners and regularly competes in international races of up to 100 miles non-stop, often through inhospitable terrain.

With the help of Garmin devices, Jez has set a new fastest known time on the Te Araora trail in New Zealand which runs the full length of both islands covering a total distance of 3,054 kilometers (1897.67 miles).

"The Te Araroa trail included many high level and heavily forested sections of New Zealand's wilderness areas, and there were occasions when the visibility made it impossible to pick the route markers. The Oregon gave me a cross hair for my position, a line of travel arrow, detailed base mapping and the correct route.Basically allowing me to navigate in the most difficult circumstances, and not get lost. Awesome."


Jez Bragg 2

In addition to the run, Bragg also kayaked the Cook Strait between the two islands, thereby traversing the whole country, purely under human power.

“The Oregon was glued to my palm for the whole trip, a constant source of assurance from pinpoint navigation accuracy. When you’re running 60km+ per day for 53 days, you want to focus on the running, not the navigation. The Oregon took away the risk of getting lost, allowing me to hit my daily targets.”

Want to learn more about this journey? Our friends over at The North Face have created an awesome expedition journal that has more info about his expedition. Bragg also created a Garmin Adventure for the portion of the trip where he crossed the Cook Straight by kayak.



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