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Commitment to aviation on Android continues with Garmin Pilot 2.4

9 May 2013 @ 4:59 PM  / Apps / Aviation Blog /

Screenshot_2013-05-09-09-50-11[2] Split TrafficOur commitment to our Android customers utilizing Garmin Pilot continues! Version 2.4 comes with some very exciting enhancements, allowing pilots the ability to gather and access even more information with ease during each phase of your flight.

Plan: The option to schedule your flights earlier and amend them as needed, is now available. It’s also possible to save and store up to 200 trips. So when you hop in the plane this weekend to visit Mom for Mother’s Day, be sure to save your trip for future use!

File: When filing your saved flight plan, Version 2.4 now allows trips, pilot information, aircraft, book marks and up to 1,000 custom user waypoints to be synced to the Cloud. Furthermore, if you received an amended clearance to your flight plan, call up the newly added scratch pad on your Android and note the modified clearance directly within Garmin Pilot.

Fly: While in-flight and in a busy environment, the option to view the moving map page along with the traffic page simultaneously is accessible by selecting Menu > Split Screen > Traffic. Viewing an Active Flight Plan is now full screen which includes a map section. Within this segment, pilots can now graphically edit their flight plan so those last-minute flight plan amendments are much easier to change!

Whether you’re in the Plan, File, or Fly phase of your trip, there’s no doubt the latest 2.4 update will allow you to access essential information pertaining to your flight much faster and easier. Furthermore, the latest Garmin Pilot update is evidence that Garmin is committed to making the Android platform of Garmin Pilot feature-rich!  

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