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Lucy's Logbook: Stop by and say hi at Sun 'N Fun Airshow!

11 April 2013 @ 9:35 AM  / Aviation Blog / Lucy's Logbook /

SNF2Headed to the 39th annual Sun ‘N Fun Airshow this week in Lakeland, Florida? Already there? So is Lucy!

Whenever I get the chance to fly in any one of our well-equipped Garmin planes, I happily jump at the opportunity. Earlier this week, a few of us hopped in our 2007 Bonanza and departed from New Century Air Center (KIXD) near Kansas City early Monday morning for my 915 nautical mile adventure. Supplementing my flight this year was the latest version of Garmin Pilot (v5.0) on my iPad, which includes our latest display of dynamic maps, the ability to notate flight-specific information right on your approach chart, along with some additional customer-requested features!

We departed a day earlier than expected due to some thunderstorms passing through the Kansas City area at a cruising altitude of 5,000 feet. Stopping for a quick fuel stop via the Neosho VOR in Memphis before our arrival into Lakeland, we got some great screen shots! Thanks to the GDL 39, we were able to navigate safely behind a pretty large thunderstorm cell. Check out all the traffic we picked up navigating around the thunderstorms, too!

SNF1One of my favorite additions to the latest version of Garmin Pilot is the ability to notate on the approach chart. Going into Memphis we were cleared for the ILS to Runway 9 and told to report a five mile final. Prior to flying the approach, I brought up the approach, notated my five mile call right on the chart, and highlighted the minimums for the approach!

If you’ve already made your way to Sun ‘N Fun this year, come check out the latest features of Garmin Pilot in the Garmin booth! In addition to Garmin Pilot, we’ll also have plenty of kiosks so you can try your hand at our latest certified and portable avionics, and maybe even attend a live demonstration or seminar!

And, if you get a chance come introduce yourself to Lucy, too!

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