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Garmin Connect Makes It Easier To Follow A Plan And Track Progress

11 April 2013 @ 1:56 PM  / Garmin Connect / Sports / Fitness Blog /

Gc-logo2 (1)As promised, last month, during the release of the NEW Heat Maps feature, we have made some exciting new additions to the Groups pages and your Calendars within Garmin Connect. The new look Calendar will help keep your workouts and events organized, and ensure you're on track to achieving your goals. The Groups enhancements add the ability to place courses right on your Group page, making it easier than ever for running and cycling groups to inform members about upcoming runs and rides. For those running in the Garmin Marathon, Half or 5k, you'll see that we've added the courses for the April 20th event to the Group Page. (There is still time to sign up and be a part of the OZ themed event and festival of Forerunners)

Here is a bit more detail about the update and some more exciting news at the bottom:


If you haven’t used your Garmin Connect calendar for a while, it’s time to take a second look. We’ve completely revamped it and added a ton of features. The calendar is a great place to plan your workouts, or simply keep yourself on a schedule. You can now drag and drop workouts, activities and notes; see your weekly, monthly or yearly totals by activity type; color code your activities, training plans, goals and events; and so much more. If you’re a member of a group with a group calendar, you can show or hide that on your own calendar, too--that way you'll never miss a group run or ride again!

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 1.20.27 PMGroups

While groups have existed for several weeks now, we’ve got some neat improvements. There’s now a calendar at the top of your group’s page, so you can see what’s coming up. Group administrators can schedule events that will show up on member calendars (if the member chooses). Plus, admins can add courses for the whole group to use, save and send to their devices, making group rides and runs easier to coordinate. 

We have a few group tips, too.

  • When you join a group or start making connections, be sure to adjust your activity and profile privacy settings. If all your activities are set to Private, they won’t show up anywhere.
  • Comments you make in a group, stay in the group. This means if a fellow group member uses the group page to tease you about bonking on yesterday’s long ride, your connections who aren’t in the group can’t see it.
  • Group admins can choose which type of activities to display on the group page. For example, a running group might choose to show only running activities. So, your cycling and swimming activities would not display on that group page.

The Connect team plans to keep busy this summer and will continue to roll out new features to make your Garmin fitness experience a unique one. Speaking of busy, A HUGE high-five to the entire Connect Community--no matter what your athletic pursuit might be. If you have logged miles/km's, then you have played an active role in getting the community to over 3 Billion miles uploaded!! That is the equivalent of over 120,000 trips around the earth, or over six thousand round trips to the moon. That is awesome! Connect was built so that active, like minded Garmin users like yourselves could have a place to upload and keep record of your efforts, connect with other fitness enthusiasts, and to motivate yourself and others to be healthy and active. We're excited about what the future has in store, so stay tuned and keep logging those miles/km's and being Garmin ambassadors, and telling your friends and family about what they're missing out on. 

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