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BlueChart Mobile Updates, Version 1.2 Now Available

12 April 2013 @ 1:00 PM  / Apps / Marine Blog /

Icon_bluechart_512We recently updated BlueChart Mobile, our marine and trip-planning appication, to include some handy new features that allow for easier app navigation and sharing capability.  Here is the listing and description of what's new in 1.2:

IMG_0187Catches - This new feature allows you the ability to mark those memorable catches and fishing hot spots.  You can log what type of fish, what lure or bait was used, and many more fields that help document the catch.  If the optional Radar and Satellite Imagery Weather was purchased, the log will document what type of weather conditions you were in.  Also, the latitude and longitude is automatically determined based off of location.

Place Vessel - This allows you to change the location of your vessel for planning purposes.  Basically, this acts as a simulated position when not in a particular location.  It allows you to search for wayponts and points-of-interest based off of proximity to the vessel location, even if the vessel isn't currently there.

Moveable Waypoints and Catches - You can change the location of pre-existing waypoints and catches on the map.  Also, if there is a certain set of coordinates that you want to mark or navigate to, you can enter these in the designated field and it will automatically mark that point on the map.  You can also add pictures to your points to show off that 'big catch'. 

IMG_0185Map Marker and Route Line Size - A great new feature that allows you to customize how large or thick the map marker or route line appears on the screen.  This is especially nice if using BCM on an iPhone, as it allows you to dictate how much of the screen is occupied by these markers and line.  This will also change the size of the ActiveCaptain and waypoint icons.

IMG_0188E-mail, Facebook and Twitter - Now, share your routes, tracks, waypoints and catches via email and post or tweet for bragging rights.  Don't want to show everyone your secret fishing spot?  BCM removes the coordinates and any geotagging before posted socially.

Photos - Now, you can add photos to your routes, catches, waypoints and tracks so you can relive them or show them off to others.

BlueChart Mobile, version 1.2, is now available in the App Store now.  Happy Planning!


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