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Spring Break Geocaching with the YMCA

22 March 2013 @ 3:57 PM  /

Little y It’s Spring Break here at headquarters, and what’s a better activity than geocaching? Together with the YMCA’s program “Spring Break at the Y,” we have had an awesome time geocaching this week. Aside from a few weather delays, the kids were able to have a great time outside and learn all about geocaching.

Little geoOver 300 kids in the Kansas City area participated in “Spring Break at the Y” camp this year, which gave us a great opportunity to introduce kids to the awesomeness of geocaching. Each day a group went to a local park for the afternoon to place and find geocaches.

 All the kids had a great time both placing and finding the geocaches. They were also able to learn about GPS technology and apply it to the activities. Even kids as young as five were in on the action. This is just another example of how geocaching can be fun for everyone!

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