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See how the pros use fēnix: Garmin launches short film series ‘for what you’re about to achieve’

12 February 2013 @ 6:00 AM  / Outdoor Blog /


Garmin fēnix puts our renowned outdoor technology right on your wrist to provide everything from navigation to altitude, heart rate and temperature. To give you an idea of how professional mountain climbers, explorers and trail runners use fēnix in their challenging environments, we today launched the short film series - ’for what you’re about to achieve’. In five short episodes professionals give their insights into their passion and explain why fēnix has become an essential part of their planning and expeditions. The videos feature renowned world-class Italian alpinist Simone Moro and British explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes, among others.

The latest campaign from Garmin provides inspiration to all ambitious alpinists and outdoor enthusiasts and includes episodes about mountain guiding, trekking and trail running. The campaign was developed with acclaimed Austrian filmmaker Andreas Hafele (Hafzoo) and Make Studio – Bournemouth (UK).

Here’s an overview of the videos included in 'for what you’re about to achieve’:

The Alpinist - Simone Moro (ITA): Simone is the only alpinist to have reached three 8000m summits in winter. He says: “Garmin GPS products for me are exactly like an ice ax or a crampon. They are important tools that provide me the information I need.”  Watch Simone speaking about his passion for the mountains and how he uses fēnix for ice climbing or helicopter rescuing in the Himalayas.

The Explorer – Sir Ranulph Fiennes (UK): According to the Guinness Book of Records, Sir Ranulph Fiennes is “the world’s greatest living explorer”. “An explorer is basically someone who goes to a totally unknown area and gets information about these previously blank areas,” Fieness explains. “In those areas you have to be able to navigate very exactly.” See how the fēnix TracBack function might save Sir Ranulph’s life and why for him Garmin is the brand for serious exploration in difficult conditions.

The Mountain Guide – Christof Schellhammer (GER): Christof is a certified professional mountain guide and worked closely with Garmin during the development of fēnix. “For me it’s really important that the fēnix is a hands-free tool. If I am climbing with a rope, I want to have all important information on my wrist, without the need to take off my backpack to check my GPS device.” Find out how the fēnix navigates Christof safely to all alpine huts and how the watch has become an essential part of his mountaineering tours.

The Trekker – Ferdinand Thies (GER): Ferdinand is a serious trekker who completed the Appalachian trail, a 3.500 km long trail from Georgia to Maine (United States) through 14 states in 4.5 months. “The fēnix is the first GPS device which I want to use as a trekker because of its light weight. It’s under 83g and does everything you need from tracking the distance, to measuring your performance and in addition it gives you the security not to get lost.”  See how Ferdinand shares his experience with his friends on Garmin Adventures and what he looked like after growing his beard throughout his 4.5 month trek.

The Trail Runner – Sebastien Camus (FRA): Sebastian is a successful trail runner, who crossed the island of New Caledonia near New Zealand in three days without sleeping and competes in ultra marathon and trail running events. “The fēnix is a perfect watch for trail runners. It’s a rigid device and works up to 50 hours, which is essential for this sport”. Find out here how the two altimeters of fēnix (GPS altimeter and barometric altimeter) provide him with the most accurate training data.

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