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Lucy's Logbook: Flight planning made easier with FlyGarmin

20 February 2013 @ 2:30 PM  / Aviation Blog / Lucy's Logbook /

There comes a point during winter where it’s been too cold for too long and there’s not much to do except watch the snow pile up in the backyard and wonder if it’s ever going to warm up. In an attempt to shift my mindset (and maybe yours!) we’re going to pretend to take a quick trip to the Florida Keys today, using flyGarmin’s Flight Planning tool. To access this feature, a flyGarmin account username and password are required. Once that information has been entered, select the “Flight Plan” tab along the top of the website.
FPL5The option to enter a Departure and Destination ICAO airport identifier will be available on the right hand side of the page. In this example, I entered “KIXD” and “KEYW” in the appropriate fields. Once the flight plan has been entered, select the ‘Start Route’ button and the website will begin calculating your flight plan. flyGarmin will generate  a weather briefing page including a map view of your route, as well as current METAR’s, TAF’s, PIREP’s, Winds Aloft, and even the Area Forecast for your entire route of flight. For our trip to Key West today, it appears as though Eglin Air Force Base was reporting Light IFR conditions with light rain and a low ceiling.



If you’re a savvy flyGarmin user, your aircraft information can also be utilized within the Flight Plan tool to generate a DUAT(S) Briefing, a NavLog, and an option to even file your flight plan is available too!
  FPL4FPL3Adding to the feature-rich line-up of the flyGarmin Flight Planning software, is the option to transfer and export any of your flight plans to an SD card and then onto any of the following supported devices: G1000, G300/G3X, GPSMAP 695/696 or aera 795/796. Simply save the flight plan file to an SD card by selecting ‘Export Flight Plans’ on flyGarmin and load it to your respective device via the flight plan page on your Garmin. I conveniently loaded the Key West trip to my aera 796 and even added a quick fuel stop in KATL!
While we can’t escape the cold weather and blizzard-like conditions predicted for Kansas in the coming days, at least you can sit in the comfort of your warm home and easily plan your summer trips with flyGarmin!

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