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Garmin Swim-- A Must Have For Anyone In The Pool

14 February 2013 @ 5:00 AM  / Sports / Fitness Blog /

Swim updateAfter this week's latest Garmin Swim update, this amazing training aid continues to be one of the industry leaders for swimmers. We have made significant improvements to length count accuracy, we've added some new data fields, some new features like "Countdown Start" (for more precise start timing), and we've even made enhancements to some of its original capabilities. (Click here to update your Garmin Swim now)

Our friends at Outside Magazine call Garmin Swim one of the best pieces of swim electronics available, and the crew at Triathlete Magazine say it's perfect for triathletes jumping in the pool for their workouts.

Here are a few tips from our engineering team who were nice enough to step out of the pool, where they have been busy testing these new features:

1. Please be sure to upload your swim activities to Garmin Connect. This update will erase all sessions on your device and they cannot be recovered.

2. The update process has two parts that are completed automatically. When both parts are complete, the watch will display 'Updating' and then the first page of the start-up wizard, 'Language'.

3. If the battery icon (top right) is illuminated, please replace the coin cell battery before performing the software upgrade to avoid damaging the watch

4. Why is my Garmin Swim stuck displaying Update Firmware 1 or Connecting after attempting to update the device software?

5. How do I update the device software on my ANT enabled device? 


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