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Look At That Detail! Introducing LakeVü HD and LakeVü HD Ultra.

21 February 2013 @ 6:00 AM  / Maps Blog / Marine Blog /

Ultra1Today, we're proud to announce our newest inland lake cartography: LakeVü HD and LakeVü HD Ultra.  With a vast offering of thousands of highly detailed lakes and inland waterways, LakeVü HD has detail that provides you with high definition contours and bathymetric readings for more information below the waterline.   

LakeVü HD

Garmin LakeVü HD has an extensive database of over 17,000 inland lakes, reservoirs and rivers within the continental United States.  Of those detailed lakes, over 400 have extremely high-definition depth readings, displaying 1-foot contours consistently at all depths.  With new lakes added regularly, LakeVü HD includes underwater cartography for structures such as riverbeds, roads and underwater bridges. 

LakeVü HD also includes an important feature called Safety Shading.  With Safety Shading, you can input a desired minimum depth and the mapping will automatically shade when the water level is below the minimum reading.  This helps you maneuver and avoid navigation in water that is too shallow for the hull of the vessel, therefore steering clear of possible boat damage. 

LakeVü HD Ultra

Along with LakeVü HD, we're proud to announce LakeVü HD Ultra, our premium lake cartography.  Boasting the same lake database and features as LakeVü HD, LakeVü HD Ultra enhances your fishing experience by providing more robust features designed specifically for a chartplotter or multi-function device.  Granting more detailed access for everything above and below the waterline, LakeVü HD Ultra is our best inland water cartography to date and can be purchased and used as an accessory with the new GPSMAP 547 and 741, new echoMAP series and our newly-announced GPSMAP 8000 Glass Helm series.

Water level can also be adjusted with the new Dynamic Lake Level feature.  With Dynamic Lake Level, you can adjust the water level of the lake depending on the surplus or lack of rain that the area received.  By adjusting, the data is modified on the chartplotter to match the current conditions.  Contours and spot sounding values will adjust and the shoreline will depict the current topography of the lake.

Also featuring the new high-resolution Depth Range Shading, you can highlight a particular range of depths to help catch acertain type of fish.  This visual allows you to determine where the coveted fishing sweet spots are based off the predetermined water depth.  

LakeVü HD and LakeVü HD Ultra are scheduled to be available in May of 2013.  For additional information regarding this cartography, visit  For a full list of lakes, visit

Pictures shown above and below are examples of LakeVü HD Ultra taken from a GPSMAP 741xs.

BullShoals Ultra MarinerEye
DepthRangeShading1 DepthRangeShading2 FishEye DynamicLakeLevel

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