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Bassmaster Classic: From Contours to Confetti

25 February 2013 @ 4:20 PM  / Fishing Tournaments / Marine Blog /

Image001This past weekend in Tulsa, we were excited to introduce LakeVü HD and LakeVü HD Ultra at the Bassmaster Classic.  Customers and on-lookers that came by the booth were most impressed with the detail and contour readings that the new mapping provides.  The pinch-to-zoom on the map allowed for easy visiblity to our 1-foot contour lines in over 400 lakes nationwide.  

Also, Dynamic Lake Level and Depth Range Shading were popular features that give the user the ability to customize his or her experience on the water, whether adjusting the lake to resemble real-life levels based off of rainfall or shading depths to show potential hot spots when trying to track a certain type of fish.

Now, to the tournament.  Fifty-three anglers set out with their eyes on a half-million dollar purse and, more importantly, the bragging rights of being the 2013 Bassmaster Classic Champion.  It was a tough weekend of fishing and braving the elements.  After the fish bit, boats docked and confetti settled, Cliff Pace of Mississippi took the crown.  With a total weight of 54.12 lbs, it came down to the final weigh-in to name Pace as the champion.  Thanks to our friends at the Tulsa World, we're able to show the dramatic finale to a fun-filled weekend.    

IMG_6805Although the weather conditions in days leading up to the Classic were less than desireable, the show proved to be a great event to debut our new inland mapping.  Being committed to providing the greatest products and cartography to the inland market, keep your eye out for what's on the horizon from Garmin!  Happy Fishing! 

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