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Lucy's Logbook: Nav panel, split screen and track up now available on Garmin Pilot for Android

16 January 2013 @ 2:05 PM  / Aviation Blog / Lucy's Logbook /

Pilot_promo_180x120For the holiday, I purchased a subscription to my favorite aviation magazine for myself and anxiously awaited my first copy. After what felt like months, but in reality was only several weeks, (okay, so I got a little impatient) I chose to e-mail the magazine’s support address. Inevitably, I became skeptical and concerned it would be another several weeks until I heard back, further delaying the receipt of my long-awaited magazine. I quickly learned first-hand that anticipation, coupled with knowing that your voice is being heard is important when it comes to customer service.

Like myself, our Android customers who have been using Garmin Pilot in the cockpit have been anxiously awaiting several new features which are now available by updating to version 2.2 and contains many customer-requested options!

Headlining the list of available features is the highly anticipated Garmin patented navigation panel which can now be displayed within Garmin Pilot for Android! The navigation panel conveniently displays an altimeter, vertical speed, and heading indicators. A pilot-configurable table can also populate up to 15 different data fields specific to your route of flight. Information such as ETA, ETE, course, and weather-specific data all offer more of a comprehensive picture of what you can expect during your flight.


A split screen view of the moving map page allows for enhanced situational awareness, allowing pilots to display more flight-specific information on one page. With version 2.2 of Garmin Pilot installed on an Android tablet, Garmin Pilot will simultaneously display the moving-map page and either SafeTaxi, the Nav Panel, an approach chart, or Widgets which display pertinent weather such as METARs, TAFs, Winds Aloft, and even Fuel Prices along you’re entire route.

A commonly requested addition to Garmin Pilot has been the ability to view the moving-map page in a ‘Track-Up’ format, which has also now been added! To toggle the map orientation from north up to track up, simply tap the Track-up arrow icon on the map. When the arrow is blue, ‘Track-up’ is active. Further adding to the lineup of new, customer-requested features is the ability to enter user waypoints using a latitude/longitude or radial/distance format, simplifying your ability to input a variety of waypoints for future reference. A number of data fields have been added to the NavBar along the top of the moving map page as well, including time, wind, visibility, ceiling, and altimeter.

It’s clear everyone at Garmin is listening when it comes to adding new features to Garmin Pilot. All of these new additions were incorporated directly as a result of customer feedback and we welcome more! You may e-mail us directly from the Garmin Pilot application or at As for my new magazine, I heard back within several days and even received an extension to my original subscription.  Like our Garmin Pilot customers, I am also one thrilled customer!

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