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Lucy's Logbook: Garmin earns top spot in ProPilot Avionics Product Support Survey

9 January 2013 @ 2:02 PM  / Aviation Blog / Company News / Lucy's Logbook /

BannerThe beginning of a new year signifies the start of a new beginning for some of us, a time for reflection for others, and a chance for goal-setting for many. As pilots, many of our Near Year goals and resolutions may consist of maintaining instrument currency, obtaining a type rating, or maybe attempting that first solo flight. At Garmin, we’re committed to providing our customers with the best experience possible, and this means we are continuously setting goals. Our goal setting has paid off in a big way for not only you as the customer, but also for our entire Aviation Product Support team. In the latest annual survey done by Professional Pilot Magazine, Garmin was voted #1 in Avionics Product Support for the ninth year in a row and we want to say “thank you!”  

Going forward in 2013, we are expanding our global presence. Whether you’re flying the United States or Europe, we are continuing to add offices all over the World to better serve our pilots.  The Aviation Product Support team is increasing in size to better assist our customers and undergoing a multitude of internal training courses. Your questions will be answered promptly and as accurately as possible. Patch

We encourage you to challenge us. Many of us are pilots and avionics technicians so we have all worked with and flown behind Garmin equipment for years.  We hope knowing that when you purchase Garmin products, you’ll receive the best experience and when needed, the best support the avionics industry has to offer.

We look forward to our bright future together and thank you again for your “vote” of confidence! We look forward to meeting our goals and exceeding your expectations in 2013!

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