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Garmin supports Girls on the Run with Forerunner donations and discounts

11 January 2013 @ 11:22 AM  / Girls on the Run / Sports / Fitness Blog /

Buddies GOTR logo-smThis weekend, we’ll be heading to New Orleans to take part in the Girls on the Run national summit. This conference is a gathering of the program’s coaches, council directors, staff, national sponsors and business partners. Garmin is proud to join companies like Athleta, Goody and Secret to partner with an organization that inspires girls to be healthy and confident while preparing them for a major feat — crossing the finish line of their first 5k! At the conference, we’ll be displaying our latest Forerunner watches, in girl-powered colors and styles, and telling about our discount program, which is offered to any individual who signs up to fundraise for Girls on the Run through the SoleMates program.

IMG00322-20120516-1745 IMG00327-20120516-1750Another way we support Girls on the Run is through our Forerunner trade-in program that was offered through fitness retailers last summer. We invited customers to purchase a new Forerunner, trade in their old one, and get $50 back. Those reclaimed watches, totaling more than 1,200, were sent to Girls on the Run to use as incentive items for SoleMates runners, volunteers or other needs at councils across North America. But before we could send those watches on their way to a new owner, they got a lot of TLC right here at Garmin headquarters.

Super1 ScrubThis is Dean, Garmin’s reverse logistics supervisor. He’s sort of like a coach, who makes sure all of his teammates have what they need and are following the procedures in our NOH (newly overhauled) process. First step in the NOH workout: Forerunners get a thorough scrub-down by associates like Connie, who said “I treat it like I would my own watch. I wouldn’t want to be wearing something with anyone else’s sweat.” Trust me, when these watches get through Connie’s brush and sanitizer steps, they’re squeaky clean and ready for a new life.

Associate Sw updatesNext, the watches are inspected for mechanical flaws and if anything needs to be fixed or replaced, it happens here. If a watch can’t be repaired or it’s beyond its useful life (like your favorite pair of running shoes once they hit 500 miles), Garmin responsibly recycles it. Just a couple more steps before the refurbished Forerunners go out the door. We’ll update them with the latest software and replace any missing accessories like charging cables. And just like any good coach, Dean and his team make sure the watches pass various tests along the way.

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