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Garmin Connect-- Train for Success with New Training Plans Feature

10 January 2013 @ 9:31 AM  / Garmin Connect / Sports / Fitness Blog /

1Success begins with a plan. And, when you use the new Training Plans feature on Garmin Connect, you’ll be able to track your progress and celebrate your milestones like never before. You can even send the workouts directly to your compatible device for real-time coaching as you run.

Sign in to your free Garmin Connect account and click on the "Plan" tab. Here you'll see the "Training Plans" option to choose from regular and heart rate-based training plans for 5Ks, half marathons and marathons. Be sure to check back regularly, as we will be adding additional plans for cycling, triathlons and general fitness, all complied by professional coaches.

Once you’ve found the plan that best matches your current fitness level and your goals, you can add it to Image001 your Garmin Connect calendar. The calendar gives you a great visual of which days you’ll be working out and what the workouts will be. You’ll even see rest days, cross training days and sports massage days depending on the details of your training plan.

From your calendar, you can send the training plan to your compatible Garmin device, so, as soon as you turn on the device, you’ll  Image004see your workout details for that specific day. For example, if Tuesday’s workout is a speed session, your device might signal to you how long to warm up, when to start running at high intensity, when to slow to recovery pace and when to begin your cool down. If you use a heart rate-based plan, you’ll even know which heart rate zones to aim for during each step of the workout.

It’s the time of year for new beginnings, so let all our new Training Plans features help you achieve your goals!

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