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Engadget shows what is possible with the new K2 Infotainment System

8 January 2013 @ 4:32 PM  / Automotive Blog /

K2Yesterday we released our Garmin® K2 Infotainment Platform at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Today Engadget, a web magazine focused on new gadgets and consumer electronics, went in-depth about our new K2 platform. Here are some of the cool features Engadget touched on.

First, K2 syncs with any Smartphone through Bluetooth® connectivity so the driver’s text messages, emails, music and address book can be easily accessed while in their car. With K2, the driver can travel safely with voice command and steering wheel controls. If the driver were to receive a text message for example, K2 could read the text and the driver could respond back.

The coolest detail Engadget highlighted was the navigation with K2. The navigation is equipped with lane guidance, 3D graphics and turn-by-turn directions. Drivers are also given recreated images of recognizable landmarks and replicates of noticeable buildings ahead to make it easy to navigate a new place. Lastly, using natural language, K2 can be asked a question like “where is the closest parking garage” and it will respond with the best answer and the route needed.

Watch the awesome video Engadget made about K2!

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