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Save big on WAAS-certified GPS for G3X

20 December 2012 @ 2:37 PM  / Aviation Blog /

G3X 2-screenWe have great, money-saving news for LSA and experimental aircraft owners! If you already own a G3X flight display system or if you plan to purchase a G3X, you can take advantage of special reduced pricing on an IFR-certified GPS. For a limited time, Garmin is offering the GPS 400W for just $3,995 as an addition to a G3X system.

GPS 400Having a WAAS-certified navigator, like the GPS 400W, allows you to fly GPS and LPV approaches. It also provides you with the WAAS position source needed to comply with the requirements for ADS-B. Just combine the WAAS navigator with a GTX 23 ES transponder and your LSA or experimental aicraft will be completely ready for 2020! 

To learn more about advanced avionics integration for your experimental or light sport aircraft visit our new website dedicated exclusively to experimental aviation or contact a Garmin Authorized Dealer.

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