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Garmin Astro Helps Catch the Bad Guys

21 December 2012 @ 9:22 AM  / Customer Stories / Outdoor Blog /

14503 Astro Ad (Police Dog)-8 5x11It was seven years ago when Garmin introduced the first generation of the Astro, the world's first GPS dog tracking system.  It was an immediate hit among hunters, who for years have needed a way to keep track of their prized (and valuable) four-legged hunting companions.

More recently, law enforcement is learning the value of the Astro when keeping tabs on their K9 partners.  We're proud supporters of the North American Police Work Dog Association, and we were recently forwarded this harrowing story:




On November 23rd at 1 am, I responded with my canine partner Sysko to a residential burglary that just occurred. The suspects ran out the back door of the residence when confronted by the homeowner. My partner tracked the suspects approximately 100 yards to a large water run off tunnel. The tunnel was barely tall enough to stand in and pitch black. We tracked approximately 300 yards underground without a clue where it would lead. We also lost radio communications several times. When we got to our first street drain, I couldn't see out to determine my location.  I used my Astro handheld and held it out of the drain. Because of the Astro and the birds eye map, I was able to report my location to officers above ground. Track lasted approximately ¾ mile underground while I used the Astro at each drain to obtain my heading.

The Astro is not just for hunting ducks!


 Officer Kyle R. Clausius & K-9 Sysko

Thanks to Officer Clausius, Sysko, and all the other K9 units out there who work 24-7 to keep our streets and homes safe!

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