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Garmin: The New Presenting Sponsor of Americana Outdoors

3 December 2012 @ 11:28 AM  / Outdoor Blog /

AO-GarminFor almost as long as Garmin has existed, we've been a proud sponsor of Americana Outdoors, one of the nation's longest-running outdoor television programs.  Today, we're pleased to announce that we've signed on as the presenting sponsor of this entertaining and instructional series.

Whether it's fishing for bucketmouths on a legendary bass lake, offshore fishing in the gulf for deep-running grouper, trophy whitetail hunting in South Texas, or bird hunting behind stylish bird dogs in Montana, AO is there.

And so is Garmin.  Host Wade Middleton shows viewers how they can use Garmin equipment to make themselves better anglers and hunters - whether it's fishfinders, chartplotters, handhelds, dog tracking equipment, or automotive gear.

Check us out on on the NBC Sports Network, or visit their Facebook page or YouTube page to check out some of their videos!

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