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Garmin G2000 Receives FLYING Magazine Editor's Choice Award

17 December 2012 @ 9:01 AM  / Aviation Blog /

Editorschoiceseal12-goldWe are excited to share the news that the Garmin G2000 touchscreen-controlled integrated flight deck has been selected by FLYING Magazine to receive a 2012 Editor's Choice Award!

The G2000 is an innovative avionics system designed for high-performance single-engine piston aircraft, and is the flight deck of choice for the new Cessna Corvalis TTx. The G2000 incorporates high-resolution, widescreen and intuitive touchscreen controls to give pilots rapid access to a breadth of important flight information. G2000onBlackIn the latest issue, FLYING editors call the G2000 "a revolutionary new development". You can check out FLYING's website to read Robert Goyer's full review of the system.

This marks the 8th FLYING Editor's Choice Award presented to Garmin since the program's inception in 1994. Last year, FLYING editors selected the GTN touchscreen avionics for this honor. Other Garmin products to receive this award include the GPS 155, the GNS 430, the GDL 49, the G1000, the GPSMAP 396 and the WAAS GPS navigators.

Check out FLYING's January issue to read more!

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