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Lucy's Logbook: Garmin Pilot app adds scratch pad, GDL 39 enhancements

13 November 2012 @ 12:37 PM  / Aviation Blog / Lucy's Logbook /

2012-11-13 12.07.48.jpgIs the iPad mini on your holiday wish list? It seems like everyone is buzzing about the new lightweight and smaller device that's sure to be a hit with pilots. And why wouldn't it be? With a useful aviation app like Garmin Pilot, the iPad mini easily transforms into a powerful cockpit companion.

Many of you have asked if Garmin Pilot supports the iPad mini, and the answer is YES! It works beautifully! And with the latest version of Garmin Pilot for iOS, you can enjoy even more new features that have been requested by you, our customers!

Picture2One of the most-requested features that is now available with the latest version of Garmin Pilot is a full screen scratch pad, allowing you to jot down a clearance or note a last-minute frequency change at a moment’s notice. For passenger in-flight entertainment, the scratch pad can double as a tic-tac-toe or Pictionary board, too!

Picture3For customers using the GDL 39 with Garmin Pilot on their iPad or iPhone, some additional features will also be available after updating to version 4.3. The option to utilize the ‘Split Screen’ function and select ‘Traffic’ will enable customers to view the traffic and moving map pages, at the same time. While situational awareness is integral throughout any flight, the split screen traffic function allows pilots to be even more familiar with their surroundings, as it relates to traffic and their flight plan when using both Garmin Pilot and the GDL 39.


Adding to the lineup of features, pilots will now also receive Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR’s) while in flight via their GDL 39 receiver. When selecting any particular TFR on the moving-map page, a box populates with additional information relating to that specific TFR, detailing dates and altitudes. In addition to TFR’s, the GDL 39 also displays and receives METARS, TAF’s, radar information, winds and temperatures aloft, NOTAMS, and PIREPS while in flight. 

Lastly, updating to version 4.3 will also allow Garmin Pilot to utilize the WAAS GPS from the GDL 39, greatly improving your position accuracy. With an update rate of five times per second, you can rest (or fly!) easy knowing that Garmin Pilot is displaying your precise location with the accuracy of the latest Garmin technology. 

So whether you already have your hands on the iPad mini, or you have another compatible iOS device, be sure you download the latest update of Garmin Pilot to fully experience all of the great benefits it brings to your cockpit.

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