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Lucy's Logbook: Great gift ideas for pilots!

21 November 2012 @ 9:37 AM  / Aviation Blog / Lucy's Logbook /

GiveaGarmin_BugIf you think back to your days when starting out on your flight training, we all have unquestionably received a few unexpected pilot-specific gifts. A friend of mine had just started his first corporate job flying a Lear 35. That Christmas, his Dad bought him a t-shirt that proudly exclaimed “Lear Jet Pilot!” so all of his friends and family knew what type of aircraft his son flew. While nothing compares to how proud his Dad was of him at the time, it never hurts to have a wish list for our non-pilot friends and family for the holidays!   

Aviation holidayGarmin’s Holiday Gift Guide has our latest and most-requested aviation portables, applications, and accessories. Need even more guidance?  Take it from a pilot; I would love any of the latest Garmin products so honestly, you can’t go wrong. The Garmin Pilot application is a great compliment in the cockpit for any pilot of any skill level. Not only can you plan and file in advance, but the opportunity to review the weather at home or in your hangar is even easier with Garmin Pilot. Best of all, it’s compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems and you have the option of utilizing one subscription on two different devices.

Maybe you were thinking about supplementing your aircraft with a backup GPS in 2013? Any one of our portable GPS units serve as an excellent addition to any aircraft.  Whether you’re pre-solo or working on your third type rating, the ability to have anything from a colorful, moving-map page to using one of our portables as an electronic flight bag to display approach charts, is possible. Further adding to the appeal of a portable Garmin in your aircraft, our portables rebate could save you up to $200 on any qualifying portables purchase through December 31, 2012.  

In an attempt to save some of you from an unexpected gift, I hope Garmin’s Holiday Gift Guide helps you as the gift giver and receiver!  

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