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Gone Fishin': Introducing Garmin's New Line of Standalone Chartplotter and Fishfinder Combo Units

12 November 2012 @ 6:00 AM  / Marine Blog /


Today, we're happy to introduce two new series to our marine portfolio:  the new GPSMAP 500 and 700 series chartplotter combo units and the echoMAP 50s and 70s, our newest combination fishfinder and chartplotter.  With a sleek new design, vibrant touchscreen and unsurpassed positioning technology, these brand new models offer boaters and anglers the features they demand.

Both the GPSMAP and echoMAP offer models with a 5-inch VGA display and with 7-inch pinch-to-zoom WVGA touchscreen.  In addition to our new, refreshed user interface, both series have exclusive flat mounting capability that will give your helm a sleek, streamlined look.  

GPSmap547xs_HR_076.3We've also integrated our industry-leading high-sensitivity 10Hz GPS/GLONASS receiver.  With this hardware on-board, your positioning and heading are refreshed ten times per second, providing significantly smoother on-screen navigation.  This GPS receiver dramatically improves the ability to mark and navigate to any one of 5000 user-created waypoints and also allows for vessel movement to be crisp and fluid on screen.  Although the water may be choppy, navigation won’t be.

Echomap70s_HR_0038.3On the new GPSMAP units, we are offering a new ‘xs’ series. We have not only included the newly redesigned, highly acclaimed HD-ID sonar technology into the units but we've also included built-in Spread-Spectrum CHIRP sonar capability.  When used with a compatible CHIRP transducer, the combo units can display crystal-clear sonar images to help find the next hidden fishing spot, ship wreckage or diving location.  With Garmin’s Spread-Spectrum technology, not only will you see target separation and resolution at extraordinary depths, but you will also be able to dial into specific frequencies to target certain species of sport fish.  Bottom contours are also more visible and signal noise can be suppressed at greater depths to provide a more timely interpretation of what’s below for safer navigation and better fishing.

EchoMap50s_HR_064.3With our new echoMAP series, we are including a dual-beam transducer that transmits a 77/200 kHz signal, perfect for inland and freshwater fishing.  With clear target separation and ease of visibility at both day and night, the echoMAP truly allows for an all-around fishing experience.  This series will allow your focus to be on catching fish and not their location on the screen.

Models pictured, from top: GPSMAP 741xs, GPSMAP 527xs, echoMAP 70s, and echoMAP 50s.

For more information regarding the new GPSMAP and echoMAP lines, features, pricing and availability, please visit 

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