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Garmin Golf: Some inspiration for the off-season

27 November 2012 @ 5:34 PM  / Golf Blog / Sports / Fitness Blog /

021711_FIT_8055For some golfers, there is no off-season. Depending on where you live - or where you love to travel - you're sizing up the greens year-round. For the rest of us, we have to put away the clubs for the winter and start to dream about spring. Here at Garmin HQ, that time is now. Sadly. After a warmer than expected November, reality hit this week with snow flurries and a 19-degree wakeup call. But with nothing but optimism ahead of us - and the holidays right around the corner - this is our time to dream.

We can envision the perfect course. The perfect shot. The perfect round. So even while we bundle up tonight to head home from the office, it seemed like a good time to picture the next time we'll tee it up. Hope it looks something like this....

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