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Garmin celebrates the moment

3 October 2012 @ 1:10 PM  / Automotive Blog / Aviation Blog / Company News / Marine Blog / Mobile Blog / Motorcycle / Outdoor Blog / Sports / Fitness Blog /

070209_ROD_7072At Garmin, we believe in the right to be curious, to seek moments of pleasure, pain and personal best.
 From campfire stories to gold winning glories, find the freedom to choose your own path. We are with you. It's simple things, like getting there on time, knowing you are safe on the water, in the air and on the ground. We promise to explore the synergy of nature and technology, to provide the best navigation possible and connect people. Now and always. We are here to involve, inspire and inform you. Together we can be great. So come join us, this is your moment. The world is waiting.

We hope you enjoy our new video - and know that Garmin is there for your special moments...for a lifetime of navigation and innovation.

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