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Fishing on the Go: Introducing the Garmin echo Portable Kit

1 October 2012 @ 3:00 PM  / Marine Blog /

010-00951-20_HR_0035.3Today we are introducing the new echo portable kit, our newest accessory to accompany our popular line of echo fishfinders.  This soft-sided carrying case has a rigid structure that’s great for durability and support, which is an absolute necessity for the fisherman on the go.  Jumping from boat to boat or needing to quickly pack up some gear for a fishing trip?  No problem.  The portable kit has you covered.

The echo portable provides a built-in cable management and storage system for a transducer to ensure that it can be transported at a moment’s notice.  Alongside trays designed for battery and transducer storage, the echo portable truly provides all the fishing necessities in an easy-to-handle bag.  From kayaks to ice-fishing, small vessels to canoes, the echo portable kit can meet the needs of any fisherman.

In addition to the new portable kit, we are also offering an echo 150 bundle.  The bundle includes the echo 150, the portable kit and dual beam (200/77 kHz) transducer.

Worried about how you’re going to mount the transducer?  Don’t be.  With our new suction cup transducer mount, maneuverability has never been better.  And with the included foam floating device, the ice fisherman can utilize this portable unit too.  Simply loop the transducer through the floating tube, adjust accordingly to your depth specifications and start fishing.       

The portable kit has a price tag of $129.99 and the echo 150 bundle has an MRP price of $169.99.  Both are now available for pre-order.


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