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Ben Collins on Garmin Swim: Sleek, simple and so much more

26 October 2012 @ 3:31 PM  / Customer Stories / Sponsored Athletes / Sports / Fitness Blog /

Garmin SwimGarmin athlete Ben Collins began participating in triathlons as a hobby in 2005. Collins found immediate success in the sport and quickly rose to the top of the amateur ranks – placing first overall in the Amateur Worlds Championships in 2007. In 2008, Collins began racing professionally and has racked up impressive results around the world. Here he shares his first impressions of Garmin's new swim-specific watch:

Today I tried out the Garmin Swim for the first time. It was cool, but now I wish I hadn't thrown out the instruction manual. This watch does a lot more than I anticipated. I can keep a drill log? Cool! It shows my weekly yardage right under the date while in clock mode? Sweet! I haven't figured out how to use a lot of the features, so I'll sit down and play with it before my next swim.

What I did notice is that the watch is pretty small compared to the 910XT that I've been wearing for many swims. The buttons are easy to find during a workout, and the "rest" feature makes it easy to keep track of both lap splits and sendoff. In a 3300-yard set the only time it missed a 150 was because I forgot to restart the watch. Alas, it thinks I've only swum 3150. And even though I did swim those yards I feel like I'm cheating when I change the distance in Garmin Connect!

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