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OpenCaching: A Look Back at a Summer of Fun!

6 September 2012 @ 11:49 AM  / OpenCaching Blog / Outdoor Blog /

01From night caching to dive caching, the KC Cache Dash to mega events, and the addition of a Community Coordinator it was a busy summer for OpenCaching. Here is a look back at a couple awesome events we were at.

The first is GeoWoodstock X, and narrated by a first time cacher and Garmin employee Stephen:

  After nine hours of driving, a dead car battery, and a regret-filled lunch at a Chinese buffet, I was ready to experience my first geocaching mega event: GeoWoodstock X, in Sellersburg, Indiana. GeoWoodstock is one of the world's largest caching events, and it's a great place to meet some of the top geocachers anywhere.05

The big event officially began at 9:00 in the morning, but when I arrived at 7:00, the place was already swarming with the buzz of anxious geocachers. I was intrigued to see how diverse geocachers really are. GeoWoodstock attracts people of all ages, sizes, and skill levels, each united by their unique love of GPS coordinates and the outdoors.

Ge03oWoodstock is, in some ways, like a giant geocaching carnival. There were plenty of sights and sounds to take in, such as a barbershop quartet to kick-off the morning or a caching couple who got hitched on stage, right in front of the crowd. Our own Garmin tent was lucky enough to host one of the relics of geocaching, the 'Original Can of Beans.' This rusted metal can (known as the OCB within the caching community) is the last remaining item from the world's first geocache, originally placed in 2000. The OCB has traveled all over the world, and is one of the most popular trackable geocaching items.

I had quite a few highlights from this event. I attended some interesting educational sessions, such as "Placing Your First Cache" and "Geocaching and the Law." I saw a hot air balloon, the giant GeoWoodstock X wooden sign, and the vendor expo. And of course, I experienced lots of impromptu geocaching and coin trading. At the end of the day, I was completely exhausted, but I left Southeastern Indiana with a deeper appreciation of the uniqueness of the geocaching community.


For a look at a more recent event, and from the perspective of a seasoned cacher let's turn it over to our Community Coordinator Anthony, better known as StealthRT.20120727_124455

The Opencaching team was out in full force at Midwest Geobash 2012 in Wauseon, Ohio. Fun, Friends, and Fellowship is the cornerstone of the event and there was plenty of all three. Approximately 2200 geocachers converged on the Fulton County Fairgrounds to experience this unique event. 

The theme of the event was Halloween in July. Many cachers fully embraced the theme and came completely decked out in elaborate 20120727_132532costumes. Campsites were decorated as well. Some were completely transformed into mock cemeteries or witch’s lairs.

Not only was OpenCaching a platinum sponsor of the event, but opencaching also supported the event with donations of various GPS units that were given away at the event. Nearly 100 OpenCaching t-shirts and 100 OpenCaching hats were also given out during the multi-day event. The OpenCache team addressed technical PIC_0090concerns cachers had with their GPS units and answered questions regarding the use of

If you missed Midwest Geobash 2012, you can still join in on the fun in 2013. Next year’s event is already scheduled. You can learn more about Midwest Geobash 2013 here.

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