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Discover the Newest Trend in Geocaching: Night Caches

19 June 2012 @ 12:34 PM  / OpenCaching Blog / Outdoor Blog /

IMG_7934[6] Firetacks treeAs if hunting for hidden treasure in the great outdoors wasn’t challenging enough, intrepid geocachers have started upping the ante – by hunting for specially hidden caches in the dark.

With night caching, you’re given coordinates to a trailhead. Once there, you have to use your wits and your trusty flashlight to find and follow a trail that’s marked only with reflectors called “firetacks.” Often, the location, number and even color of a set of firetacks can help offer clues to where the next set is located.

For even more depth and complexity, night caches can also take advantage of chirp wireless beacons to provide clues along the way. Just follow the firetacks and/or chirp clues and you’ll eventually find the geocache.

Firetacks IMG_7941[7]To try your hand at night caching, you’ll first need a GPS device – it will not only point the way to the trailhead, but can help you find your way back to your vehicle when you’re done. You’ll also need a high-powered flashlight to help spot the firetacks. We also recommend bringing a phone and a first aid kit since nighttime conditions can prove a challenge to navigate by even the most seasoned hikers.

Night caches are still few and far between right now, but are quickly picking up in popularity. Check with your local geocaching club for help finding one in your area, or if you want to learn how to place one on your own.

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