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Choosing the transducer that's right for you

19 June 2012 @ 1:49 PM  / Marine Blog /

XidWe know that choosing the transducer that's right for you, your boat and the electronics you have can sometimes be a confusing process. Among the things to consider are the mounting style, power, frequency, beam-width and the depth at which you'll be using it - and those are just some of the questions you'll need to ask yourself when selecting a transducer that's right for you. But boating and fishing is supposed to be fun - that's why we have a number of on-line tools available to help our customers select the transducer they need. If the summer weather has got you looking for new electronics for your boat and you're in the process of selecting a transducer, check out our transducer selection guide (PDF), or visit our transducer site which walks you through selecting a transducer step-by-step. First select the product with which the transducer will be used; then choose from the transducers available to fit your unit; and finally, choose your mounting style - inside the hull, on the transom or through the hull - under the "features" tab. If you still have questions about selecting the transducer that's right for you, you can learn more by calling our marine support team, or by visiting any of our dealers

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