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Smartphone Link app helps nüvi users find the best parking options nearby

10 May 2012 @ 5:23 PM  / Apps / Automotive Blog /

Garmin Smartphone Link Tracker List of parking spots









Finding parking can be challenging, especially in bigger cities. While traffic services have advanced tremendously over the last years with historical and crowd-sourced information available, services to find parking just started moving beyond simple points of interest.

Garmin recently introduced a Dynamic Parking feature that is available through the Garmin Smartphone Link app for Android phones.  This new feature provides detailed information on parking garages nearby, such as pricing, opening hours and facility type. Users can simply pull up a list of parking options nearby and compare their hourly rates. When selecting a garage, users can view more pricing details, opening hours and the address, and with a simple hit of a button start navigating.


Garmin utilizes data for street parking and garages in 43 U.S. cities from leading provider BestParking. Users receive the parking information through the phone’s data connection, so it’s always up to date. “We have a street team that manually visits every facility to gather parking information,” said Ben Sann, founder of BestParking. “This guarantees that our data is the most accurate and up to date on the market today.”      

Smartphone Link is an app for Android phones to provide services to nüvi devices, utilizing the smartphone's mobile data plan. Garmin Smartphone Link is available at no cost in Google Play and includes several free services as well as premium in app purchase options such as Premium Traffic, Fuel Prices, Advanced Weather and photoLive traffic cameras. The Dynamic Parking feature is available at no cost.


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