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GPS 19x - new high-sensitivity GPS antennas from Garmin

9 May 2012 @ 3:06 PM  / Marine Blog /

010-01010-10_HR_066Today Garmin announced two new GPS antennas - the GPS 19x HVS and GPS 19x NMEA 2000. These next-generation GPS receivers provide users with up to 10Hz update rates for position, velocity and time data. They offer high-sensitivity reception and enhanced GPS accuracy to the Garmin family of marine instruments, autopilots and MFDs. The GPS 19x antennas are 32-channel receivers and are capable of tracking multiple GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System), including GPS and GLONASS. Since more satellites are visible, they can provide more accurate fixes in challenging conditions. With an enhanced position, heading and speed accuracy delivered up to ten times more than other receivers, they provide consistent and smooth drawing of your position on the plotter/MFD at low and high speeds. The GPS 19x HVS and GPS 19x NMEA 2000 will be available in June 2012. 

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