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Flexing serious sonar muscle with the GSD 24 and 26

3 May 2012 @ 1:43 PM  / Marine Blog /

The redesign of Garmin's traditional sonar resulted in the GSD 24 and 26 black-box sounders, and they've got fisherman talking everywhere we go. Combining great value with enhanced performance, the GSD 24 was redesigned from the ground up to provide dramatically improved target separation and bottom tracking for the recreational fisherman. The GSD 26 takes Garmin's digital sonar offerings even further by adding Spread Spectrum CHIRP technology and the ability to simultaneously sweep many frequencies or tune to specific frequencies with power up to 3kW, making it idea for serious deep-water sport fishing. With Spread Spectrum CHIRP technology, you'll see target details so extreme you can actually distinguish between small and closely-spaced fish at key fishing depths.

To learn more about these powerful new sounders from Garmin, check out the video below and visit our YouTube page to see a whole host of informational and training videos on these products and more. 

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