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Victor's Vectors: Your aviation database questions answered!

8 March 2012 @ 1:52 PM  / Aviation Blog / Victor's Vectors /

FlyGarminIt is the information age, and information permeates every part of our lives, especially our cockpits. Garmin avionics provide valuable flight information from a variety of data sources including aviation navigational data, obstacle data, SafeTaxi data, airport directory data and more. So when it comes to keeping all of that information up-to-date it is no wonder that pilots get a little lost. The first question I get is how often does all this information get updated? To answer that question, check out where there is a chart showing the release dates and cycles for each of the databases in your favorite avionics. The next question I hear is how do I update the information? I recommend reading the Pilot’s Guide and viewing the instructional videos. You can also check out this video specifically about updating databases for the G1000, G500, and G600. Then, the obvious next question is how much is it going to cost? Check out our online pricing guide to learn more about the cost of database updates and bundled database packages like PilotPak. My hope is that this information acts as a guide (magenta line for those familiar with Garmin GPS systems) to assist those lost in information overload walk the path to informational security.


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