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New Chart Guarantee and Discounted Update Programs

15 March 2012 @ 1:55 PM  / Maps Blog / Marine Blog /

Updates are an extremely critical issue for marine cartography, and Garmin is committed to providing our customers with regular, semi-annual updates. As marinas are opened, harbor entrances are dredged, channel markers are altered, obstructions are added or removed and other vital on-the-water navigational elements change, having current charts is invaluable to the safety of a mariner and those around them. To ensure that mariners have the most-up-to-date charts, Garmin offers a number of update programs, including New Chart Guarantee. Announced at the Miami Boat Show last month, New Chart Guarantee entitles customers who have recently purchased a new pre-programmed BlueChart g2 or BlueChart g2 Vision microSD/SD card to one free update to the new version of charts. Updated charts will be the same (or equivalent) region as the original purchase, and are valid within six months of purchase. Garmin also offers a discounted update program so that customers can update their existing pre-programmed BlueChart g2/g2 Vision cards via the Garmin website at a discounted price. 

To learn more or to update your charts, visit our update programs site, or stop in to one of Garmin's Outlet Programmer Dealers who will have the ability to provide the update service as well. 



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