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Get your iPad on board with Garmin's BlueChart Mobile

1 March 2012 @ 1:27 PM  / Maps Blog / Marine Blog / Mobile Blog /

BCMWith the prospect of several more weeks of winter on the horizon, some boating enthusiasts must now find a way to occupy time until they can return to the water. We can’t think of a better way to spend that time than by browsing over our impressive line of chartplotters and marine networking components! When it is time to set sail, a craft fully equipped with a Garmin marine network will not only give you peace of mind while navigating, but will also make you the envy of all who step foot aboard your vessel!

BlueChart Mobile (2)Garmin’s BlueChart Moible app for iPad and iPhone is the latest announcement in Garmin’s growing line of iOS apps to help you navigate with confidence. With this handy app, you can do all of your route planning from the comfort of your home, then quickly and wirelessly transfer your routes to a networked Garmin chartplotter once onboard. Searching for marine points of interest, reviewing tide and current tables and keeping track of weather conditions overlaid on the charts can easily be accomplished using the the app's intuitive layout. And with the help of the new radial menu, creating waypoints, constructing routes and viewing chart information will never be easier. Garmin’s BlueChart Mobile app will also allow you to “follow the boat” using GPS data sent via a wireless connection with your Garmin marine network.

BlueChart Mobile (3)
With availability expected in June, 2012, the BlueChart Moible app will not only include Garmin’s trustworthy BlueChart data, but will also feature the integration of ActiveCaptain. Created and maintained by mariners for mariners, ActiveCaptain provides access to real-time, user generated reviews of local marinas, hazards and anything else that you may encounter during your travels. So not only will you have the latest charts and service data from Garmin, you also have a wealth of information direct from other captains.


With a return to the water on the horizon, this feature rich app is a must have for all boaters using iPad and iPhone!  


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