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Deena Kastor: faster, focused and at the forefront

13 January 2012 @ 1:34 PM  / Sponsored Athletes / Sports / Fitness Blog /

DeenaShe has represented Team USA three times on the sport’s biggest stage. As Deena Kastor, American record holder and bronze medalist, lines up with fastest females at tomorrow's marathon trials in Houston, there are a lot of calculations going on in her head. What time is it going to take to make the team? Can I come close to my 2:19:36 record? Did I train enough? Did I train too much? In an interview with ESPN, Deena says she didn't just come to Houston to place in the top three. She came to win the race outright. Deena, who relies on Forerunner devices to track every mile and minute of her training, answered some of our questions on her preparations for these trials.

How is your training today different from four and eight years ago?Dena

Deena: My training for this Olympic Trials is different because I have the added role o f being a mom this time around. My workouts have acquired a better focus, and then I get to balance that out with playing with my daughter for most of the day.

What about mental preparations—how does that factor into your preparedness for the Trials? 

Deena: Preparation is always a combination of mental and physical training. When the two are in sync we find we are in a flow that produces great performances.

What would it mean to qualify for this year’s games and represent your country again?

Deena: As I attempt to make my fourth Olympic team, the pride and joy of representing the USA never fades.

Deena, landscapeHow has becoming a mom changed your routine or perspective as an elite athlete?

Deena: Being a mom is bigger than a marathon. It’s more enduring, more intense and much more rewarding. 2012 will be the ultimate year in my life if I can share this Olympic experience with my daughter, Piper.

As a mom and elite athlete, you have some serious time demands. How does Forerunner help you train more efficiently? 

Deena: I wish my Garmin could freeze time so I can fit all my responsibilities into one day. My husband uses the Forerunner watch to log the miles he runs pushing Piper. Piper has used the Forerunner as a distraction in a nice restaurant so we can eat in peace. I love the efficiency and accountability of working out each morning.

Which watch are you using currently?

Deena: I really like the Forerunner 210. It is lightweight and has a very efficient GPS.

We wish all the best to Deena and Josh Cox as they face off a fierce field of competitors at the Trials in Houston. Don't forget to go to Twitter (@Garmin) or Facebook and let us know what you love most about #wintertraining. If you need some extra motivation to lace up when it's cold, here's a great video featuring another Garmin-sponsored athlete, Steve Way. Enjoy.

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