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Victor's Vectors: Software updates bring new features to portable GPS

16 November 2011 @ 2:04 PM  / Aviation Blog / Victor's Vectors /

I talk to customers on a regular basis and inevitably I’ll start talking about a feature on a portable GPS that the customer doesn’t have.  When I receive a puzzled response, I ask what version of the operating software they have installed.  Operating software updates are important for many reasons, but arguably the most important is that new features are added with these updates.  For example, the aera 796, which was announced in September of this year, has already had three operating software updates.  Some of the new features added with the recent software updates include:Aera796_OF_101-Hero1

  • A scale for the pinch zoom 
  • A hide option for the speed, heading, and altitude tapes on the 3D Vision page
  • Multi-tap options for the Map page, Terrain page, and 3D Vision page
  • One- and two-row configurable data field options added to the map
  • The addition of flight plan legs to the IFR/VFR enroute charts

If you have a portable GPS, it is easy to keep up-to-date by using the free WebUpdater program, which is available from Garmin’s website.  That way when someone starts talking about a cool feature they use, you can tell them that you’ve been using it since it was added.

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