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How do you GTU? Halloween can be a little less spooky for parents

19 October 2011 @ 4:52 PM  / Customer Stories / Jake's Journal /

Backpack closeupCostumes and candy make Halloween a favorite holiday for many, but it's just not the black cats, ghosts and goblins that can stir up frightening feelings for trick-or-treaters and their parents. In an effort to make the witching hour a little less tense, the folks at WISH TV in Indianapolis wisely suggest using our GTU tracking unit to keep an eye on the kids as they make their rounds in the neighborhood. You can click here to see their segment as it aired, and here are some excerpts from their online write-up.

Mom sonsNo larger than a lucky rabbit’s foot, this device is a full-fledged GPS tracking unit that utilizes both mobile phone signals and satellites to always provide an accurate location.  Using the Garmin Tracker application (iPhone / Android / Web) you can design virtual boundaries called Geofences.  Any time the device travels out side the pre defined geo fence you are alerted.

You can sew the device into your child’s costume, hang it on their belt loop using the included carabiner clip, or throw it into their candy bag.  After Halloween is over, the device can continue to be used to monitor you child or use it for another purpose such as pets, golf clubs, or laptop bags.

Thanks to WISH TV for the great idea, and this video offers a closer look at how you can keep an eye on your kids - whether it's on Halloween or simply before or after school - and we encourage you to find us on Facebook or Twitter (use the hashtag #HowdoyouGTU) and tell us how GTU could make your life easier, safer and more secure. Here's wishing everyone an enjoyable Halloween season, and be sure to share your candy (or at least pace yourself).

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