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Tracking Success: National Geographic Selects the GTU 10 as Gear of the Year

19 April 2011 @ 9:34 AM  / Automotive Blog / Marine Blog / Motorcycle / Outdoor Blog /

As you b10214 gtu 10 toy tracker ad-001egin to dust off your summer toys: motorcycles, boats, bicycles, jet-skis you might want to consider a GTU 10 tracking device. GTU 10 is a GPS locator that combines a web-based tracking service with GPS technology so you can keep watch on children, pets and - of course - your toys. 

National Geographic has recently selected GTU 10 for their well respected Gear of the Year review and says, "Garmin’s GTU 10 Locator GPS tGearYrLogo160aransceiver is like LoJack for your gear. Tuck the 1.7-ounce device into the bottom of your bag, attach it to your dog’s collar, or put it inside your kid’s ski jacket."  

Let us know how you use your GTU 10 by sending an email to and we'll feature the most unique on the blog!

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