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Pro triathlete uses Edge 305 for training and race strategies

3 January 2011 @ 11:34 AM  / Customer Stories / Sports / Fitness Blog /

Brice and Bike in Scotland-sm Brice leading Marin Triathlon 2010 was my first full year as a professional triathlete, and it was definitely a learning experience. A lot changed in my seven month season. Like most athletes, I had races that left me feeling great afterwards, and I also had races where the first questions I asked myself were “Uh...what was that? Did that really just happen?” One thing that remained constant in my training and racing however was my Garmin Edge 305. The consistency and reliability it provides impress me a lot. What a fantastic training tool!

I started off at the Miami International Triathlon in March and raced against Matt Reed, Chris
Lieto, and many other world-class athletes. It was amazing to see just how fast these guys go! My most notable final two races were the Duathlon U-23 World Championships in Edinburgh, Scotland and the
Marin County Triathlon where I earned my first overall pro victory. It was great to have my Garmin handy in Scotland to trace the elevation of the bike course, a seven-loop 23.8-mile pain festival that climbed Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh's famous volcano. The course had more than 2000 feet of climbing. A few days before the race, I rode the loop and figured out where the toughest sections were. The 305's ability to plot the variability in the grade of Arthur's Seat was a great help because I was able to formulate a solid race strategy from the data. Where should I sit in and spin it out? Where should I attack and gap the other athletes? Knowing what I was up against definitely led to a better performance. When race day arrived, the 305 was ready to go. I used the “lap-split” feature on each of the seven laps, and although I did not negative-split each lap (the course really started to take its toll on laps 5, 6, and 7), having a time goal in my head was a big help. To summarize, had I not had the Edge 305 available to see just how arduous this course was, my performance and race strategy would have been significantly different.

With respect to my race at the Marin County Triathlon, I was most concerned with my speed on the bike course. I came out of the swim with some significant ground to make up on the pros in front of me. Once on the bike, I made sure to pay attention to just how fast I was riding. I did not want to expend too much energy too early and sacrifice the rest of my race. Having the Edge there served a multi-faceted purpose: it kept me from blasting off to the moon and I was able to catch the others by the end of the bike segment. Because I had kept my speed somewhat in check, I had enough energy to outrun them and earn my first pro victory.

I owe a lot to the Garmin Edge 305. All of its features are a great help. Beyond its technological features, it is small, light, and very easy to carry. It has helped me be very consistent in my training, and as noted above, it has helped me develop race strategies both before and during events. Even though it is not the most advanced model in the Garmin GPS-enabled cycle computer line, I highly recommend the Edge 305, and I hope you have the opportunity to try it out.

Brice Winkler is a professional triathlete and a 4th year student at UC Berkeley who just earned his B.A in Applied Mathematics with a specialization in industrial engineering and operations research. He is also majoring in Spanish language and literature and will be finishing that degree shortly. When he isn't studying or training, he enjoys reading the news, hanging out with friends, and meeting new people. His trip to Edinburgh for the Duathlon World Championships was his first extended trip outside of the United States and it got him very excited to travel to more foreign countries and witness firsthand new cultures and lifestyles.

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