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Ask Garmin: Changing the battery on heart rate monitor

12 April 2010 @ 11:13 AM  / Ask Garmin / Sports / Fitness Blog /

With the spring racing season heating up, we hear this question a lot at marathon expos and at our customer call center:

“I just changed the battery in my heart rate monitor and now I’m not getting a heart rate reading on my Forerunner.”

HRM battery Changing the battery on a Garmin heart rate monitor or any fitness accessory with ANT+ wireless technology is simple, but there’s a key step you don’t want to miss: Once you remove the old battery, wait about one minute before popping in the new battery. There’s a reset process that takes place in the heart rate monitor during that timeframe. If you put the new battery in too soon, before the heart rate monitor has a chance to reset, it won’t recognize it as a fresh battery. The owner’s manual states to wait 30 seconds, but let’s just call it 1 minute to be on the safe side. Consider it a “rest lap” like when you’re doing interval training. After a minute, put the new battery in place, with positive contact facing the + sign on the accessory. Replace the cover and use a coin to twist the cover clockwise so the arrow points to CLOSE. Be sure to keep that little O-ring gasket in place. Follow the same “wait a minute” process when replacing the battery in other ANT+ accessories like the foot pod and bike speed/cadence sensor. If you need more help and you already ditched or recycled your owner’s manual, you can find it online.

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