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With bright screen, simple interface, Oregon is there when needed most

15 February 2010 @ 8:00 AM  / Customer Stories / Marine Blog / Outdoor Blog /

Oregon400t-front The following email came to our inbox, addressed "To All Garmin Employees" with the directions to "Please Share With Staff." We're going one step further and sharing with all of you. We think you'll be glad we did, especially if you read to the end, as Simon has a captivating story.

On October 30, 2009, at roughly 6:50 p.m. my boat carrying myself, two friends, and Maisey (my friend's trustee yellow lab) capsized.  We were on our way in from an evening of duck hunting on Munuscong Bay in the upper peninsula of Michigan.  The weather had deteriorated dramatically and the waves had grown very large.  As our boat capsized, my friend Alonzo had the presence of mind to keep his cell phone high and dry and I was already reaching in my pocket for my Garmin Oregon 400t.  Alonzo was able to get off a 911 call and give the dispatcher landmarks, and exact coordinates just before his cell phone died.  We spent the next two hours in 46-degree water clinging to the bottom of my boat.  The fog had set in and the wind picked up.  After awhile Maisey decided she might be better off on her own and swam away, that was the last we saw of her that night.  The fog began to lift and we spotted search lights in the distance.  None of us had anything to signal back with except for the Oregon's screen, so I began to wave it as high as I could.  One of the boats was getting closer but not fast enough for any of us.  At one point they turned off their search lights and I thought to myself maybe they had seen the light of the screen.  I waved it again and within seconds the search lights came on and they came speeding towards us.  We were saved....

The following day we were told that between landmarks and the coordinates we had given the 911 dispatcher, the rescue team was able to get close to us, but in the end the bright screen of the GPS unit made the difference.  Thank you...

The next two days were spent searching for Maisey.  Again the Garmin GPS was very helpful.  Because I had made a way point of the position of my  boat when it capsized, and we knew the wind direction of that night Alonzo, Kyle, and myself were able to get a pretty good idea of where she might be.  After some tracking and hiking using the GPS, we came upon the most likely spot.  Alonzo blew his duck call a couple of times and sure enough out of the marsh comes Maisey.  I cannot express the feeling of relief to see her sweet little face. Thank you....

In retrospect there were a lot of factors that played into our being rescued:  First and foremost the efforts of the local emergency services, second our ability to stay calm and make quick decisions, and third our equipment which included your product. Thank you...

      I Will Never Leave The Dock Without My Garmin....

Thanks to All of you,
Simon, Alonzo and Kyle

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