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Victor's Vectors: G600 and certified GTS 800 TAS, TCAS I traffic series

9 December 2009 @ 2:30 PM  / Aviation Blog / Victor's Vectors /

G600_SVT_Unit Winter is official here!  Last night as the Winter Weather Advisory covered the upper right corner of my TV, I sat on my couch thankful for the fireplace, hot chocolate and comfortable slippers.  As the temperatures drop and snow starts falling, many pilots like myself are enjoying the weather from the warmth of our homes.  As you're sitting back relaxing in your favorite chair, you might check out this video of a flight with the G600 with Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT).  The video shows some of the G600's strengths and highlights how SVT enhances situational awareness of obstacles and traffic.

One interesting side note about this video is if we filmed it today, you'd see traffic targets using our new GTS 800 traffic series. The GTS 800 series is our TAS and TCAS I system and it received AML-STC today for over 580 aircraft. Traffic information from the GTS series is displayed on the map page or traffic page of our panel mount products and integrated display systems using TAS/TCAS symbology. Additional traffic symbology can be displayed on SVT equipped PFDs. When the GTS product receives replies to its interrogations, it computes the responding aircraft’s range, bearing, relative altitude, and closure rate. Then, it enhances location data with data received from ADS-B Out equipped targets, plots the traffic location, predicts collision threats, and depicts the information on the traffic display. The system also includes expanded audio traffic alerts in an ATC-like format. For example, “Traffic; Eleven o’clock; High; Less than one mile.”

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