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Give-a-Garmin holiday ads unveiled as Nutcrackers come to life

17 November 2009 @ 4:11 PM  / Automotive Blog / Aviation Blog / Company News / Garmin Chicago Store Blog / Marine Blog / Mobile Blog / Outdoor Blog / Sports / Fitness Blog /

IMG_4372 IMG_4382 What happens to the toys when the shopkeeper leaves for the day? Now we know. One of Garmin's two new holiday commercials follows an outgoing Nutcracker set on going out. After a long day manning his post at the store, this lovable character with a huge head and even bigger personality uses his nĂ¼vi to navigate nightlife. But before this model of mobility could venture out into the world, he had to take shape in Santa's workshop - which for a few weeks outsourced some work to Garmin headquarters. In addition to creating the look and feel of all of Garmin's amazing GPS products, our design engineers were responsible for crafting the statues currently standing guard in Chicago at Garmin's only retail outlet on Michigan Ave. The Nutcrackers at the Garmin Store represent our various product lines - fitness, marine, aviation, outdoors, mobile and automotive - and they serve as reminders that there's a Garmin for everyone on your gift list. Our second holiday ad also displays the diversity in Garmin's product line, tracking the adventures of a knight to remember, a multi-sport leprechaun, a camera-friendly Yeti, a swingin Scot and a squirrel. Enjoy, and be sure to stop back often for gift ideas and interviews with this colorful cast.

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