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Play Give-a-Garmin for a Chance to Win-a-Garmin

30 November 2009 @ 4:52 PM  / Automotive Blog / Aviation Blog / Marine Blog / Mobile Blog / Outdoor Blog / Sports / Fitness Blog /

Have you taken advantage of the great Cyber Monday deals yet? If not, you'd better get busy because the clock is ticking. And while you're surfing for the best deals, stop by our site and we'll help you sharpen your Cyber Monday keyboard skills. If you're really good at our Give-a-Garmin game, you'll also have a chance to win 10 new Garmin GPS devices. To play, click on the jump below for the rest of the post and then use the arrow keys to move Santa as he runs, rides and drives, and help him deliver as many gifts as possible before time runs out.

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