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King Air 200/B200 Gets G1000 Glass

16 March 2009 @ 3:00 PM  / Aviation Blog / Victor's Vectors /

King-Air-200---G1000-Cockpit_b The G1000 avionics panel is now available on two more aircraft models! Today, we announced that the FAA granted certification for the G1000 in the King Air 200 and B200.  This is only the second time that the G1000 has been made available for retrofit; the first G1000 retrofit certification was for the King Air C90. Pilots that own a King Air 200 or B200 can now replace their old steam gauges with a large, three-panel, all-glass display. Anyone who has flown a plane with G1000 avionics knows that it's an amazing system that makes flying safer and more enjoyable. One of the features that reiterates safety of flight and differentiates the King Air 200/B200's certification from other G1000 programs is that it includes Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) support. RVSM support will let King Air pilots fly more optimum profiles, gain fuel savings and increase airspace capacity.The King Air 200/B200's avionics suite also features the GFC 700 autopilot, SVT synthetic vision (optional upgrade), SafeTaxi, FliteCharts, WAAS, GDL 69A datalink receiver for XM WX, and a whole lot more.  The G1000 upgrade is available immediately, so contact one of Garmin's approved G1000/King Air distributor to learn more about installation and pricing.

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