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Greetings from Caddy Confidential

12 January 2009 @ 12:01 PM  / Golf Blog / Jake's Journal / Sports / Fitness Blog /

Approachg5menuCarlcaddyHello all! Welcome to Caddy Confidential, your Garmin blog home for all things golf. I’m your host Carl the Caddy. My job – when I’m not scoping fairways and reading greens – is to keep you up to date on our new golf GPS handheld, Approach G5. If you haven’t heard already, Garmin is going golfing with a touchscreen, waterproof GPS device that comes preloaded with thousands of U.S. courses. For a quick peek at the capabilities of the Approach, check out this video that Garmin’s fitness guru Jake posted here.

We’re itching to dust off the clubs and get out to the course to show off the capabilities of the Approach. So as soon as we get a half-decent weather day (in Kansas, that’s about 45 degrees with no snow), we’re going to head out to the course to film and post a handful of videos that’ll show you all the cool stuff Approach can do, and how Approach can help you improve your game. We’re planning on updating Caddy Confidential weekly, so keep checking the Garmin blog for product info, tips for improving your game and to find out exactly how far Jake can hit his driver. Keep your head down, hope springs eternal and thanks again for touring Caddy Confidential!

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